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As avid travellers with a thirst for knowledge history and stories, we wanted to build an app to help everyone learn and enjoy a plethora of stories, information and occasional bunkum at the touch of a button. Bookmark Snikkit on your phone, open it wherever you are and it will find your location, the map will show you nearby Snikkits and you can simply click on whatever takes your fancy. It may be in your home town, it may be somewhere exotic or it may be in a small market town you're visiting for the first time. We've found that the best tour guides are locals, we love history and we love stories, we especially love it when the two come together to give you a real sense of being.

Snikkit.com is brought to you by award winning theatre company Hard Graft.

Halloween 2018

This year we have even more ghost walks for you and your friends and family to enjoy.

Dates 29th, 30th, 31st October

Price £1.99

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We have recorded 100's of snikkits on various subjects from clocks to cricket, trig points to toilets. There's also lots of stories, poems and songs for you to enjoy.

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We always want new stories. About local history or events or your personal adventures.

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