Welcome to tomorrow

Find your nearest Snikkit

Sign up. Take a look at the map, you are the blue dot in the middle and the location of snikkits are marked with map pointers.

The grey snikkits are out of range, you'll need to move closer to unlock those, the coloured ones are within range and can be opened (clicked) the green ones are always free and can be opened from anywhere. For ghost stories look for this

Have an audio adventure

Click the ►button to listen to the Snikkit and discover a world of audio adventures.

Each Snikkit tells a unique story in the location that it took place, explore your surroundings, learn local history and be entertained.

Map Key Symbols

 Out of range snikkit you'll have to move closer.

 In range Snikkit, enjoy the story.

 These green Snikkits are free to listen to anywhere any time.

 A ghost story that is out of range.

 You are in range of this great ghost story.

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